Companion Diagnostics


A companion diagnostic is an assay that provides biological and/or clinical essential information that enables better decision making about the development and use of a potential drug therapy. They are used to monitor efficacy and/or safety following the patient’s response to a specific drug. This can be applied anywhere along the preclinical, clinical and post-product launch of the drug.

To date, many of the pharmaceutical companies have started their in house efforts and established biomarker groups or even diagnostic groups. The trend is to establish drug-companion diagnostic co-Development rather than have both developments happen in isolation.

Health authorities will prioritize the reimbursement of new targeted therapies that include predictive and monitoring tools which are sensitive and easy to use.

NG Biotech’s know how to meet your needs


At NG Biotech, we develop your companion diagnostic and assure the manufacturing in our facilities. Each new development with our patented  platform will be linked to a licence agreement providing you with an exclusivity for your application.


NG Biotech’s patented  platform is polyvalent and allows to design Quantitative and Multiplex companion diagnostic solutions specific to your most complex requirements


For any need to monitor specific biomarkers such as  drug metabolites, hormones, proteins or antibodies; take a step ahead and contact us for a contract development enquiry. We will meet your specific needs with fast to develop and Cost effective proposals.